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TRENDLAMPE – The lamp you can compose according to your wishes
Step-by-step instruction

All lamp pieces of one package are identical. The different lamp elements are normally assembled with the front side (smooth) facing towards you (outwards), for example the balls. There are also versions with a specific number of pieces facing towards you with the back side (rough). Those rough pieces are marked with a black dot in this manual.

Each piece has got two straight sides and two round ones. Each straight side of one piece gets joined with a round side of another piece.

A ball composed of 30 pieces:

All pieces get assembled with their smooth front side facing towards you.

It is recommended to arrange the number of pieces required for each row before starting. Explication of the diagram regarding version 1:

Row 1 – 5 pieces
Row 2 – 5 pieces
Row 3 – 10 pieces
Row 4 – 5 pieces
Row 5 – 5 pieces

Assemble the 1st row into a rosette.

The 5 pieces of the 2nd row are attached one by one in a ring around the 1st row’s rosette. Now turn the arranged lamp pieces upside-down in the shape of a bowl.

Then join the 3rd row equally. Please pay attention to the first piece of the 3rd row. Only 2 angles of it are attached to the 2nd row. Then the 2nd piece of the 3rd row is attached to it and so on. The 4th row narrows the ball upwards. The 5th row closes the ball-shaped lampshade.

Insertion of a light bulb: You have to remove one piece of the lamp to insert the light bulb and the lamp socket. You can also use the distance between the elements.

Then tighten the joints around the flex (line cord).

You can check that the light bulb is at the centre by loosening one element on the side of the lamp shade.

Security advices: Please do only use energy saving lamps or LEDs. The maximum bulb wattage allowed is 40 W. Don’t cover the lamp in order to avoid heat accumulation (fire danger). Don’t use the lamp in rooms with high humidity like bathrooms.

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